About the Wig-Maker

"As with all Wig-Makers, we've all got a different story. Mines started around 4 years ago.

I had an illness which meant my hair started to fall out of my scalp. Which was really difficult for me as I always saw my hair as part of my identity. Due to this, I started to wear lace wigs to restore a little bit of my confidence. At the same time I was at a point in my life where I needed a career change. Each sector I worked in previously didn't give me the creative freedom I so craved. 

I decided to look deep into my soul to see what I was really passionate about. Something that really lit my candle. The answer? Magic & Hair. Add those two together and what do you get...? WIGS! I knew I absolutely had to find out how my Idols such as Lady Gaga had their masterpieces made. Surely there was a way?

So, I started making inquiries in my local colleges for Wig-Making classes. To my astonishment I found there was absolutely none in Scotland. My nearest school was over 400 miles away in London(!) So, this wasn't feasible for me.

After almost exhausting the Google searches, I was almost ready to give up the search. Until I found an online training source - but there was one snag: the trainer was Las Vegas-based. After some procrastination (believe me - it did not take too long) I went ahead and purchased Marquetta Breslin's Lace Wig Training ,Legacy edition. After completing this, I progressed to her 2.0 System and was certificated with a 90% pass rate.


This has to be the only learning experience I have whole-heartedly  applied myself to. Every single piece of information I just devoured. Each and every module I  listened, learned and still to this day continue to learn. 

I now have the ability to assist people from any background whatsoever be the best version of themselves. To restore lost confidence through hairloss. To aid Peoples' reinvention. To calm the storm of a hair disaster. Or for those who fancy a change. Every creation made with love, passion and integrity. 

Aphrodite is waiting in the wind for you!"

- Will Campbell