Hello, and welcome to Aphrodite Postiche, the land of all things hair-related, made with love. 

My name is Will Campbell and having reached the grand age of 30, I decided it was time to create a website to launch my dream - A Postiche-Making company.


After graduating from Marquetta Breslin's Lace Wig Training 2.0 & immersing myself into every available wig reference possible, now is the time for me to take the leap and knot up treat for you all!

Like the title says, each hairpiece I make is made with complete love, care and undivided attention. We create  hairpieces for anyone completely 100% from absolute scratch, from the initial consultation, to that final fitting. 


I only use 100% real virgin hair, which shall last for years, provided the proper care is given.


Here at Aphrodite Postiche, I can fully appreciate the torment a person can feel when they experience hairloss. Be it through Alopecia, Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling Compulsion) Cancer Treatment, Other ill-Health or even a disaster at the hairdresser's.


My services can help restore the confidence an individual has lost through these traumas. We will treat you with the care, sensitivity and compassion you so rightly need.

Finally, I work together with clients who require a hairpiece for cosmetic purposes or for those who simply feel like a change in their appearance. Here at A.P, the keyword is 'Fabulous'! Perfect Creations by us, the Goddess of love herself would be most proud to wear!